DIRECTV for Hospitals

With DIRECTV for hospitals, Commercial Satellite Sales gives you the perfect way to provide the ultimate entertainment.

Entertain Your Patients While They Recover With DIRECTV for Hospitals

CSS is an authorized dealer of DIRECTV for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Our professional team is available to assist you with new DIRECTV systems, upgrades, or any other service you may require. DIRECTV’s extensive selection of popular and affordable programming is ideal for hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior living, and other healthcare institutions across the country.

We offer a wide range of cost-effective packages for your specific needs. With our diverse options, you can easily find a package that fits your budget while ensuring high-quality entertainment for your patients.

Benefits of DIRECTV for your hospital include:

  • Custom channel lineup
  • Optional on-screen channel guide with scrolling feature
  • Centralized equipment storage
  • Compatible with various wiring setups
  • Ready for 4K UHD programming
  • Maximum channel availability in a compact headend

DIRECTV for Hospitals: Our TV Hospital Options

  • DIRECTV for Patients

    DIRECTV for hospitals offers an upgraded experience. With hospital TV channels, patients can enjoy their favorite programs, making their short visits feel shorter. Moreover, patients staying for longer periods can enjoy a wide range of programs both alone and with their loved ones.

  • DIRECTV for Waiting Rooms

    Additionally, you can add DIRECTV to hospital break rooms, conference rooms, and waiting rooms, which will be appreciated by your staff and visitors. Our team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or support for DIRECTV installation.

  • Home-Like Feel

    DIRECTV for hospitals brings a sense of home to patients. It provides them with a familiar remote control and access to as many as 160 channels. They can also enjoy a wide selection of foreign-language programs and on-demand content with just the press of a button.

  • Customized Options

    Whether you need specific channels, languages, or even the ability to display hospital information, we can work with you to customize a DIRECTV package for patients and staff.


DIRECTV Hospital Channel Guide

At CSS, we understand that patients have diverse entertainment preferences. Our channel lineup includes news, sports, movies, and family-friendly programming. From catching up on the latest news to unwinding with beloved TV shows, we have cater to all interests and demographics.

Check out our package and channel guide below:

Entertainment Package

  • 105+ channels
  • A variety of entertainment options with popular networks such as ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, and HGTV
  • Best for patients looking for basic entertainment options and a mix of family-friendly programming

Ultimate Package

  • 140+ channels
  • Extensive lineup, including all channels from the Choice Package plus STARZ ENCORE®
  • Best for sports fans and channel surfers who enjoy a wide variety and want access to at least one movie channel

Choice Package

  • 105+ channels
  • Wider selection of channels compared to the Entertainment package
  • Includes ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, HGTV, and regional sports networks
  • Best for sports fans who want access to a broader range of channels, including regional sports coverage

Premier Package

  • 150+ channels
  • The most comprehensive channel lineup, including all channels from the Ultimate Package plus premium channels such as HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®
  • Best for cinephiles seeking a vast collection of on-demand titles and premium channels for an enhanced entertainment experience

Ready to Give Your Patients the Ultimate Entertainment Experience?

Let us handle the installation and upgrades so you can enjoy a smooth transition to DIRECTV for your hospital.

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