Entertainment, news, and premium sports are powerful customer draws that keep them longer and coming back. In the hyper-competitive hospitality industry, it is essential for restaurants and bars to create a distinctive and attractive ambiance that welcomes and engages customers and markets their business to bring more returning customers. One effective way to achieve this is by providing DIRECTV for your restaurant and bars. Attracting customers with DIRECTV for your restaurant will bring a range of entertainment options ensuring your customers have a good time.

In fact, according to recent surveys, 91% of bar and restaurant owners agree that adding a DIRECTV has been a good idea to grow their business. With its wide range of channels, live sports coverage, and diverse programming options, DIRECTV can help create an inviting environment that keeps customers coming back for more.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of attracting customers with DIRECTV for your restaurant.

Benefits of Attracting Customers With DIRECTV For Your Restaurants

Keeping customers engaged is crucial for restaurants because it enhances the overall dining experience, builds customer loyalty, and drives repeat visits. Engaged customers are more likely to stay longer, order more food and drinks, and share positive experiences with others, resulting in increased revenue and a positive reputation for the restaurant.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of attracting customers with DIRECTV for your restaurant.

1. Create An Attractive Ambiance

We all know that the right ambiance can make or break a dining experience. It’s crucial to create a welcoming space that customers love. Attracting customers with DIRECTV for your restaurant can contribute to this by providing engaging content and entertainment that adds to the overall atmosphere of your establishment. Beyond TV shows and sports, DIRECTV provides access to the hottest music without any licensing fees. Your customers can enjoy music of all genres. So, when customers feel comfortable and entertained, they are more likely to stay longer, enjoy their meals, and become returning customers.

And what does that mean for your business? More customers and more profit!

2. Enhance the Dining Experience with Live Sports & Entertainment

Sports lovers make up a significant portion of restaurant-goers. In fact, most customers prefer watching sports at a restaurant rather than at home. With DIRECTV, you can offer live sports coverage on multiple channels, ensuring your customers don’t miss out on the excitement. 

Whether it’s the big game or a local team’s match, your restaurant can become the go-to spot for sports enthusiasts. By providing a lively atmosphere and a front-row seat to thrilling sporting events, you’ll attract a dedicated following of sports fans who will keep coming back for the game-day fun experience.

Businesses that need DIRECTV for restaurants and bars can pick from different packages that suit their specific requirements. When it comes to sports, DIRECTV is a top choice. It offers:

  • NHL Center Ice
  • NBA League Pass
  • MLS Direct Kick
  • MLB Extra Innings
  • ESPN+ for Business

This special program is designed for bars and restaurants. It helps businesses make sure that customers don’t miss any exciting sports moments.

3. Attract A Diverse Base of Customers

To thrive in the restaurant industry, it’s important to appeal to all types of customers. DIRECTV can help you achieve that. With its vast range of channels, including international programming, you can cater to customers from different cultural backgrounds.

By offering programming that reflects your diverse customer base, you’ll create an inclusive environment that attracts customers from all walks of life. Whether it’s international news, sports, or entertainment, DIRECTV enables you to provide a multicultural experience that resonates with your diverse clientele, ultimately helping you in attracting customers with DIRECTV for your restaurant.

4. Competitive Benefit

In a highly competitive restaurant industry, incorporating DIRECTV can provide a distinct advantage. By offering live sports coverage, diverse entertainment options, and access to international programming, you differentiate your restaurant from competitors. 

DIRECTV’s comprehensive programming options ensure customer satisfaction, leading to recommendations and repeat visits. Additionally, with access to live sports events and engaging entertainment, customers stay longer, boosting sales.

5. Extended Stay and Increased Sales

There is one simple fact in the bar business – The longer the stay, the greater the purchases of food and drinks. – NRA Show

By offering compelling content through DIRECTV, you can encourage customers to stay longer. This extended dwell time leads to increased food and beverage sales, contributing to higher revenue generation. Customers immersed in live sports events or engrossed in captivating programming are more likely to order additional items and spend more time at your establishment, maximizing your profitability.

6. Brings More Gamers Through Your Door

If your customer base is young gamers or your restaurant or bar is located near a high school or college, it can help you in attracting customers with DIRECTV for your restaurant. The satellite TV service provider has special channels called the Big Ten Network and SEC Network for fans of college sports. 

These sports packages are a great addition to your business. College sports fans are just as dedicated and passionate about their teams as fans of professional sports. By transforming your bar or restaurant into a venue where they can watch the games, you can attract more people and keep them there for longer. It’s a fantastic way to bring in customers and create a lively atmosphere.


From attracting customers with DIRECTV for your restaurant to enhance the customer experience, gaining a competitive advantage, and more, it provides valuable opportunities to restaurants and bar owners for their business growth and success.

Choosing a comprehensive TV service can bring numerous benefits to your business. DIRECTV has everything bars and restaurants need to keep the fun and party going! If you need DIRECTV services for your restaurant and bar, don’t waste time looking for random providers. CSS is an authorized DIRECTV dealer that can provide the best packages for your restaurant and bar.

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